There is a LOT of comfort food in this week’s collection of recipes…some more indulgent than others. However, all are made at home, which already gives them a huge advantage over packaged or fast food. To add a little balance, I’ll start things off with a couple of fresh salads, which can be somewhat hard to come by during the winter! Enjoy 🙂

kale, avocado, tangerine, + sesame salad

and here’s another winter salad: broccoli + butternut squash salad with orange vinaigrette

slow cooker smoky white bean soup

this chickpea minestrone soup is loaded with good stuff

sun-dried tomato + spinach baked pasta

there just can’t be too many sun-dried tomatoes in my opinion 🙂 sun-dried tomato chicken + cream sauce

somewhat familiar but with a twist, these indian turkey meatballs over rice will surely be a hit at the dinner table

these individual tamale pies are so cute and filled with all of my favorite things!

chicken quinoa lettuce wraps can lighten things up a bit but still taste great


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