Sorry I disappeared for a few days! Work has been pretty busy, but I’m back!

to start off, if you don’t have yummly, go sign up right now. it’s a recipe search engine that has TONS of awesome recipes in a very easy to read format:

ScreenHunter_75 Oct. 14 20.52

If you don’t get pulled in to the million recipes on yummly (there are SO many!!), here are a few more I came across this week that I can’t wait to try! Enjoy!

this pumpkin greek yogurt banana bread looks like a fun (healthy!) twist on a fall favorite

easy southwest mac + cheese…much better for you than the boxed variety

red beans and rice is another easy, delicious weeknight meal

for some reason, I always forget about popcorn as a snack but it is so filling…and a whole grain! can’t wait to try this curried popcorn

greek salad bites!

if you ever have trouble eating/liking vegetables, roasted veggies are the way to go




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