There’s a little summer and a little fall mixed into this week’s recipes. I cannot believe summer is already coming to an end!! Enjoy the last of the fresh summer produce while you can!

I’ve always wanted to do a bunch of canning and make pickles but honestly, it’s a little intimidating. these quick refrigerator pickles look really easy though…

I have a pretty hard time not eating all of the peaches immediately after I buy them but, if I can stand to save a couple, these honey peach muffins would probably be a good use for them

maybe you have a vegan friend that needs some muffins. or maybe you’re out of eggs! knowing the ins and outs of vegan baking is extremely helpful in these situations. because sometimes you just don’t want to go to the store. don’t let the word “vegan” scare you. these vegan banana pecan muffins look spectacular.

you can eat quinoa for breakfast too. if you want a healthy, filling (and delicious) breakfast, give this a try!

you can also eat millet for breakfast! and if you haven’t tried millet in general, you need to. I think it’s my favorite grain…though I haven’t tried it for breakfast yet.

if anyone has extra tomatoes, I will gladly take some off your hands so I can make this slow roasted tomato hummus

I don’t love zucchini (…except in zucchini bread), but maybe you do? quinoa stuffed grilled zucchini is for you!

it’s hard to find a non-fried falafel recipe but these buffalo falafel pitas are baked and they look absolutely incredible

I love a good lettuce wrap

why don’t I ever make beef fajitas? or any fajitas for that matter….so good!

sadly, the weather seems to be cooling off (low of 39 degrees on Friday??). it’s a good time of year to enjoy some comforting greek chicken and potatoes though




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