Well, I’m not really sure where last week went! It flew by and I somehow never got around to hitting publish on the posts I had ready. Anyway, I’m back and I’ve found some great recipes lately. There are lots (to make up for last week!), so I hope you find a great one to get into the kitchen and try out this week!

I wish I had a grill so I could make these grilled steak + avocado flatbreads

have  fun, delicious breakfast this weekend: raspberry crumble pancakes

toasted oat + coconut muesli is a quick breakfast that’s packed with good stuff

making indian food at home can seem kind of intimidating. this chicken chickpea curry looks pretty doable!

burrito bowls are a great way to get a healthy, delicious, homemade meal on the table fast.

serve your burrito bowl over slaw or salad for a lower calorie version packed with good-for-you veggies!

need an after school snack? homemade pudding >>>> pudding from a box.

who says you can’t have pizza for breakfast?

use your abundance of late summer tomatoes for this pesto pasta!

saute summer veggies + sausage for a quick dinner that has a little something for everyone

I don’t know if I’m ready to accept that it’s pumpkin season again quite yet, but these single serving pumpkin muffins look amazing

banana yogurt muffins with streusel topping are also good if you need muffins but also can’t accept pumpkin season just yet

20 minute thai basil beef rice bowls? what’s not to love?

make a salad into a meal with the addition of protein (like chicken, beans, hummus, steak, or tofu) and healthy fats (like avocado or olive oil). this fajita veggie burger salad would make a great meal that actually fills you up!

these no-bake dark chocolate almond butter cheerio bars would make a great snack or dessert!

sometimes I want to make pesto, but I almost never have all the ingredients. this oil-free//dairy-free version might be the answer! and the caprese rice salad doesn’t look like a bad way to enjoy that pesto.

here’s the thing. sometimes you just don’t have a dinner plan and you need something fast. I sometimes like to keep some Annie’s brand mac + cheese (because it’s delicious and has recognizable ingredients) in my kitchen for just that very situation. I love these 10 ways to enhance Annie’s mac + cheese that help make it into a more legitimate meal. shells with white cheddar is my favorite!!




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