I can’t wait to try all of the recipes on this week’s list. The peaches are outrageous right now, so I doubt any will last long enough in my possession to make it into the summer guacamole. I definitely plan to make some trail cookies and salmon though. Enjoy!!

trail cookies would be so much easier to eat out on a trail than trail mix

throw some of those delicious summer peaches + plums into this summer guacamole

if you haven’t ever tried plantains (those things that look like giant, overripe bananas), this would be a good way to start

make a veggie-centered version of lasagna in an eggplant boat

you could also fill your eggplant with herbed quinoa + cherry tomatoes

how to make teriyaki chicken

I finally have some salmon in my freezer and you can bet I’ll be trying some of this garlic butter salmon with caramelized corn + shallot relish

summer vegetables in a pizza

…or you could use your summer zucchini in these whole wheat zucchini pancakes. if they taste anything like zucchini bread, I am all in.



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