Lots of great recipes and tips this week. Even making one meal at home during the week is a great start on the road to eating healthier and saving some money. Pick one of these & give it a try!

who doesn’t love a good grilled veggie wrap? I would totally add some hummus to this…and I don’t like mushrooms, so I would swap them with some zucchini! you could add some leftover steak or chicken if you want as well – the possibilities are endless!

you can’t go wrong with regular old guacamole but green chiles and roasted tomatoes make a fun addition too

if you want dinner on the table fast, tossing together a grain, protein, and some veggies can be just as fast as going through a drive-through. pretty much any combination will leave you with a healthy meal, but this spicy sausage and pepper pasta might give you a good place to start

if you like omeletes, I have a feeling you’ll love this pesto + roasted tomato omelet. perfect for all those tomatoes that are likely beginning to overflow from your garden!

get dinner on the table in no time with crock pot maple dijon pork chops

roasted basil eggplant with heirloom tomatoes and balsamic drizzle. easy. healthy. summer.

cherries are cheap right now but maybe it’s hard to eat them all before they go bad. make sour cherry popsicles!

I love a good burrito bowl. they are one of my go-to fast, easy meals.

cauliflower seems to get overlooked a lot but these cauliflower tacos look spectacular. I would probably roast the cauliflower in the oven vs. pan frying it for a healthier dish.

a yogurt banana split makes a great snack, light breakfast, or dessert. so easy!

sometimes you just need some chicken wings. making your own is undoubtedly healthier that whatever you might find in the freezer ailse or your nearest fast food restaurant. and not that hard.

there was awhile where I didn’t love quinoa, mostly because I wasn’t cooking it right. it’s still not my first choice, but cooking it right does help. if you are also unsure, check out this video

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