This week has some great make-ahead meals. Being prepared is one of the main keys for success when you’re trying to eat healthy! Enjoy!

a great grilled veggie sandwich to make use of all those summer veggies [which could definitely be grilled ahead of time]

have a homemade mid-day pick-me-up with these strawberry chia jam bars

flourless peanut butter + chocolate chip cookies also make a healthy but sweet snack…or dessert!

why not take full advantage of the beautiful weather & grill breakfast on the weekend too? especially when it’s grilled peach french toast!

it’s never too hot for tortilla soup

kale is sturdy enough to stand up to sitting in a dressing for awhile, making it a super easy [and healthy] make ahead lunch or side salad

mango and red pepper orzo salad and green rice salad are also perfect make-ahead meals.

mango soft serve is a healthier and lower calorie alternative to ice cream. you could make it with any other fruit you like too

the summer colors in this basil chicken curry are incredible

some people don’t like the flavor of fish, but when you marinate or season it like this caribbean jerk salmon, you get an incredibly flavorful AND healthy meal




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