Here are some of the recipes I’ve found this week. I’ll be back on Friday with a post about a new recipe I tried last week!

it may not be quite the right season, but can you ever really say no to roasted vegetables? you could at least roast them on the grill to avoid heating up the house!

hummus + tacos? can’t go wrong there.

sometimes asian cooking intimidates me but this chicken satay looks totally doable.

this california power salad is a great excuse to make use of the delicious strawberries before they go out of season [as if you needed an excuse]

I won’t ever be able to say no to a good corn and avoado salad

how about some no-bake healthy brownie granola bars for that afternoon sweet tooth?

turkey and quinoa stuffed peppers are a fun way to get some more veggies into your dinner

I’m so sad that I avoided making hummus for so long after a bad first hummus-making experience a few years ago. I thought I was doomed to paying $5 for a tiny tub of hummus every week but luckily I gave it another shot recently because homemade hummus is SO easy and delicious and cheap!! Today, I made this incredibly good basic¬† hummus and it was…incredibly good. I was even able to make it while hangry, if that tells you anything about how quick and easy it was.


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