TONS of summer foods on the recipe list this week – enjoy!

this rainbow thai chicken salad is packed with color! it would make a great lunch, dinner, or side dish at a summer cookout.

it’s not quite summer without a pulled pork sandwich

who could say no to salad when it’s a bbq chicken chopped salad?

I love my hot oatmeal but this quinoa berry breakfast bowl would make a great breakfast for hot summer mornings

however, nothing says cool summer breakfast like this raspberry yogurt muesli breakfast popsicle. there are no excuses for skipping breakfast when it involves popsicles 🙂

these bruschetta chicken tostadas not only look easy and delicious

it’s probably the avocado that drew me to this green bean avocado fried rice 

cool off and satisfy that sweet tooth with homemade strawberry vanilla swirl greek frozen yogurt

roti is kind of like a flatbread and this chewy roti with curried cannelini bean dip looks out. of. this. world.

most frozen foods aren’t exactly the picture of health, but they’re often not terrible for you if you make them yourself – like these homemade baked taquitos. it’s easier [and healthier] than you might think!


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