Found some great recipes this week! Take a look:

snack on cherry hazelnut energy bars!

you don’t see lamb too often in recipes but this asian lamb + noodle bowl looks fantastic

this creamy peanut chicken. I don’t even have words.

white pizza quinoa casserole is like pizza, but easier.

I made this greek pasta salad last night (with whole wheat orrecchiette instead of orzo). It was fantastic and so are the leftovers.

speaking of pasta salad, how about grilled kale + roasted red pepper pasta salad? yes.

does it get better than guacamole with feta cheese?

spicy chicken lettuce cups make a great summer meal

these aloha burgers scream summer. and make me wish I owned a grill.

I haven’t eaten a lot of lemon curd in my life, but this strawberry lemon chia curd makes me feel like I should change that.

gotta have dessert and these cherry pie bars look perfect.


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