Here are some delicious recipes for the week ahead. You can tell warm weather has arrived with all the spring/summer foods on this week’s list!

whole fruit popsicles because it feels like summer!!

avocado cream enchiladas because avocados and mexican food are THE BEST

and to go with the above, quick and easy blender salsa – great for everyone planting a summer garden too!

how about we carry on the mexican food theme with charred corn and avocado pizza…it was cinco de mayo this week after all!

jicama can be hard to find at the store sometimes, but it’s a great crunchy vegetable to change things up, like with this jicama and carrot slaw

this spiralized zucchini salad comes together in less than 5 minutes and would make a great summer dinner or easy to pack lunch

this grilled lemon chicken salad with homemade poppy seed dressing would make a perfect spring meal

cornmeal has such an awesome texture – can’t wait to try these cornmeal waffles with blackberry compote


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