Before we get to the recipes, I have only one article this week, but it’s a good one on why the best diet is real food. No gimmicks or miracle weight loss foods/products/pills. Just real food like the recipes you see below. It may not have the shock and awe factor of a commercial promising a 15 pound weight loss in 5 days but it IS delicious, enjoyable, and, therefore, sustainable to eat a diet centered around real food…which also makes it the most effective. Overall health is the most important thing and it involves much more than a number on the scale – and it certainly can’t be achieved in a matter of a few days or with one miracle food or “fat blasting” workout. It’s a lifestyle!

Now, on to the recipes!

eating real food doesn’t mean neglecting your sweet tooth, so why not start off with these blueberry oatmeal cookies

I need to make this coconut cashew granola for snacking ASAP

baked banana breakfast cookies can make for a quick breakfast with some yogurt and fruit

these mayo-free greek stuffed deviled eggs make me excited for summer!

hemp seeds are a delicious source of protein and this salad dressing looks fantastic

moroccan chicken skewers with spring veggies….need I say more?

this pineapple guacamole looks like a fun twist on the traditional guac

change up your usual side dish routine with roasted broccoli with lemon tahini

good crackers with normal ingredients can often be pretty pricey – these homemade almond cashew crackers are a great solution and homeade crackers are much easier than they sound

I love hoisin sauce so I can’t wait to try this vietnamese beef bowl

if you haven’t tried sweet potato fries yet, these crispy baked sweet potato fries would be a good start

I plan to try my hand at canning again soon and this blueberry meyer lemon marmalade will be first on the list

get in loads of veggies with this easy broccoli stir fry

That’s it for this week! What recipes are you looking forward to trying? Have you made anything new lately?


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