This week’s spotlight includes both recipes and some great articles I’ve come across this week. Enjoy!

I made this sun-dried tomato hummus last week and it was spectacular. Now that I’ve invested in tahini, you can bet this cilantro hummus will be happening very soon.

the cilantro hummus would also be great on this copycat version of my favorite Panera cilantro lime hummus chicken power salad

can’t say no to peanut butter & jelly snack cookies

you get two meals in one with this roasted eggplant and farro salad, which uses the extra farro for another favorite meal – falafel!

Now, for some articles!

did you know that some honey is not actually 100% honey?

another registered dietitian busts 6 very common nutrition-related myths

a good summary on the new “clean eating” craze, which is really just a new way to emphasize eating minimally processed foods like fruits and vegetables

everyone is on a diet (simply defined as the foods you eat) but several special diets are advertised in the media – here are 9 ways to tell if the diet you’re eating is right for you (hint: you should NOT feel deprived or miserable!)

speaking of diets, here is an article on some interesting research regarding making foods “off limits”


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