I’m still working on part 3 of the “cost of healthy eating” series, which will compare the health and monetary costs of a vareity of homeade vs. store bought items. In the meantime, here’s a collection of some of the recipes I’ve come across this week!

hummus, avocado, and egg toasts make a quick lunch or snack –  you could use hard boiled eggs for a more portable version!

baked quinoa crusted chicken strips are much healthier than a fried version of this kid favorite!

coconut banana oats would make a great make-ahead breakfast for those rushed weekday mornings

you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this vegan parmesan cheese on popcorn, sandwiches, vegetables, and more

this feta, tomato, and bell pepper quiche could be made on the weekend and enjoyed on the run all week

my go-to bread recipe is this wheat bread, but this buttermilk honey bread is another great choice, especially for those who prefer white bread

this garlic lemon butter shrimp makes me think I need to start buying shrimp!

Have you tried any new recipes lately?


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