the cost of healthy eating: part 1

Well, it has been a long time since my last post here – in fact, I haven’t posted since becoming a registered dietitian almost a year ago! It is long past time to get this blog up and running again. It will still be a blog about real food and how to incorporate more of it into your daily life, but it won’t be just recipes. There will be more informational posts on the latest nutrition news and any topics you want to know more about. So speak up in the comments or send me an e-mail and I’ll try to address your questions in an upcoming post. My hope is to post at least once per week, so be sure to check back!

DSC03589First up is something that has bothered me for quite some time: the myth that healthy eating is more expensive. Not only are healthier foods filled with more nutrients that your body needs, they are also far more filling than the highly processed alternatives that share space on the grocery store shelves. And, though it can be hard to imagine now, let’s not forget about your future health. Sure, you may not always experience any immediate effects from eating pastries for breakfast, Hot Pockets for lunch, and microwavable burritos for dinner, but these decisions made day after day can have a huge impact on your future disease risk and quality of life.

homemade tacos

Because there is so much involved in the cost of healthy eating, I’ve decided to divide this post into parts. Here’s what you can expect:

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Weekly Grocery Trip on a Budget

— Here, you’ll get a peak inside my weekly grocery trip and some insight into why I buy the things I do.

Part 3: Homemade vs. Pre-made

— Is making food from scratch really worth the extra effort? We’ll consider both cost (time and monetary) and nutritional value.

Part 4: Weekly Meal Prep

— This post will give you some practical ideas for making healthy eating the easy choice during a busy week.

curryThe main idea is that you don’t have to spend a small fortune in order to eat well. You don’t have to buy only specialty organic foods to create a healthy diet and there is definitely not one miracle food that will solve all of your health concerns (though advertising will often lead you to believe this is true). In fact, some of the healthiest foods you can find in the grocery store are often the cheapest. Plus, preparing these foods at home can save you loads of money on eating out during the week, more than making up for any extra dollars spent at the grocery store.

I hope you find this series, and all posts on this blog, helpful and informative!


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