let the baking begin!

Well, finals are next week and that can only mean one thing – excessive baking. Due to the fact that this is the LAST round of finals of my undergraduate career, the baking epidemic may just be worse than usual. Lucky for me, I am surrounded by a solid group of lovers of all things baked that I can spoil with all of my treats. First of all, my friend Jared’s birthday was Monday…a perfect excuse to make the Texas Sheet Cake that I have been eying since the moment I got my Joy the Baker cookbook.

I didn’t have a sheet pan, so this turned into 2 round cakes, but it worked all the same. Now I have one cake to give away and one for us to keep! Which meant I could sample the cake before giving it away without the awkward moment of giving someone a cake with a good chunk missing 😉

I also made chocolate chip cookie dough brownies…just because. Now I have a huge container of the heaviest brownies known to man and nothing in particular to do with them. This could be dangerous. Good thing my family is headed into town tomorrow night for our annual athletic banquet. If you read this before you come – prepare for brownie/cookie dough heaven! 🙂

Again, I don’t have a 9×13 pan, so the brownies are a bit thicker than probably intended originally, but they baked just fine and I managed to get the cookie dough layer on without totally overflowing the pan.

I am almost certain this is only the beginning of the baked goods that will be coming out of my tiny kitchen in the next week or so. Did I mention that I can’t wait to have my very own kitchen to spread out and bake in?? I can’t wait.

Oh, yeah – what do you do when you are halfway through making pasta for dinner and open up a moldy jar of pasta sauce (besides eat cake + brownies for dinner)? You could add beans + salsa + avocado + cheese, but since you (ahem…I) eat Mexican for practically EVERY other meal, you might want to restrain yourself. How about some sundried tomatoes, feta, and a little pesto? Good idea. Delicious too!! Almost as good as Mexican….almost.


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