corn tortillas

So, I just made my own corn tortillas!! And it was SO. easy. Who knew??

I planned on making Mexican tonight and thought of the corn tortillas in the fridge that never quite made it into the freezer because I got sick of trying to chisel a off a tortilla or two from the giant freezer burned mass every time I wanted to make chips. Stuff just lasts so darn long in the freezer…but then it gets freezer burn 😦  Anyway, I had a feeling my non-frozen tortillas were past their prime. Of course, never one to waste, I planned to eat them anyway. Then I remembered these amazingly thick + delicious looking chips and the fact that I bought masa harina (corn flour) a few weeks ago, which happens to be pretty much the only ingredient for corn tortillas. No stale tortillas for me! Luckily, it was after this plan was devised that I discovered my probably stale refrigerated tortillas covered in milk that had leaked from my roommate’s shelf above mine in the fridge. Awesome.

These were so easy to throw together. It goes without saying that I didn’t wait the full hour to let the dough rest like the recipe on the package suggested, but they still turned out fantastic. I made 1/4 of the recipe to end up with 3 tortillas and, after cooking in a hot skillet, cut them up and toasted them in the toaster oven for tortilla chips. I really liked that I could control the thickness of the chips too because I am big on texture. I made one tortilla pretty thick, so those chips were a little chewier than the others and I loved them. You must try this! Masa harina is only a couple of dollars per bag and pretty easy to find at your local grocery store. Corn tortillas usually have a pretty reasonable ingredient list (unlike most flour or wheat tortillas), but you can’t get much better than corn flour, salt, and water. Besides, what could be better (and cheaper) than a nice homemade tortilla?


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