cinnamon sugar cake

One of my teammates and training partners is from Mexico and wanted to learn how to bake, so we have been doing some “lessons” lately. I really love talking with her and learning more about her culture. Apparently baking is a very “American” thing to her. They aren’t big on sweets like cakes, cookies, and pies, so it is pretty special there if you know how to bake.

Anyway, I was sharing my new Joy the Baker cookbook with her and we started with some simple trail mix (a.k.a. monster) cookies. They were delicious and she was so surprised at how easy it was!

Next, she wanted to tackle a cake. I sent her  list of the various cake recipes I have and we decided to try something a little different – a cinnamon sugar cake with brown sugar buttercream.

It turned out great! My “student” was also surprised at how easy it was…and that we could make our own frosting that didn’t come out of a can! 🙂

I just love sharing my love of baking (and cooking!) with people and helping them learn how easy it is to make things from scratch rather than relying on processed foods from a box!



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