stars + soap boxes

This weekend, I took a tropical fruit adventure into the world of starfruit! I’ve always wanted to try starfruit because they look delicious…and stars are my favorite shape 🙂 They were on sale for 98 cents this week at the store, so it was the perfect opportunity to try one!

The verdict? Disappointed. 😦

My roommate put it best – “I would buy one and cut it up to use as a fancy decoration on a plate, but then I would tell everyone ‘don’t eat it!!'” 🙂 She also said it smelled like really good soap when we were smelling them in the store (everyone smells their fruit before buying it, right?), which was true…but that is also exactly how it tasted. It also had the texture of a watermelon. I was expecting somethings softer, smoother, and more tart. It was a fun little taste adventure though! Perhaps these exotic little fruits are better cooked?

Also, today I was reading an article about food labeling and the confusion that can be created by use  “all-natural” and other similar terms due to the fact that they are not regulated in any way (organic is really the only such term that is regulated). People tend to see this term and automatically think “healthy”, but I have seen all kinds of products with the term “all-natural” plastered on the front and wondered what on earth they were referring to.

The article had some frustrating statements such as wondering what “process” everyone was so afraid of regarding processed foods (hmm…perhaps that the original, perfectly healthy food that came out of the ground has been stripped of many nutrients and probably isn’t even recognizable anymore?) and another arguing that a minimally processed product made of butter and sugar is no healthier than a packaged “processed” dessert. I would actually argue that it is healthier. The processed dessert probably had all the fat removed/replaced and all kinds of other things added, making you unsatisfied with one serving and/or craving more. The minimally processed dessert may have *gasp* real butter (saturated fat) and sugar, but I can almost guarantee you don’t eat as much of it and you know there isn’t a barrage of chemicals or other man-made craziness (hydrogenated oils a.k.a. trans fats –  which are worse than saturated fats – for example) doing who knows what in your body. I would much rather enjoy one cookie/piece of cake, etc. made with real butter than 10 low-fat, low-calorie, sugar free, 500 ingredient desserts from a box meant to taste “just like your favorite dessert but without the guilt”. I will just take my favorite dessert in small quantities to be enjoyed on occasion please and I won’t feel guilty in the slightest.

Along these same lines, the article directed me to this page on the Whole Foods website that gave me just one more reason to wish I had one near-by. Label reading can be tedious, even for a grocery store nerd/foodie like me. I like that Whole Foods tries to make it one less thing for me to worry about by doing the bulk of the label reading for me!

I will get off my soap box now 🙂


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