A few months back, I got a new computer because mine was TOTALLY on it’s last leg and it has been wonderful. Except that I lost ALL of my internet bookmarks. If you had seen my bookmark folder, you would understand the seriousness of this situation. I had no less than, oh 1,000 recipes bookmarked in categories based on where I’d put them in my cookbooks after copying them down on index cards – appetizers, cookies, cakes, veggies, beans, grains, etc. I also had a category for recipes that still needed to be copied onto index cards and filed away. Sadly, this category was by far the largest. BUT! I had a totally awful habit of bookmarking something (even taking the time to copy it down on an index card!) then never making it 😦

That stops now. Perhaps it was good for me to be forced to change my bookmarking ways. Enter Pinterest. Although dangerous for its procrastination-inducing qualities, it is PERFECT for recipe storage. Now, all of the wonderful recipes I find can be stored online to be accessed anywhere, whether I have my computer or not. Not to mention there are pictures with each recipe, which really helps me I’m when looking for something specific. This new system of recipe organization has been awesome and was super helpful as I tried to decide on treats to give away for Valentine’s day!

I definitely made another batch of red velvet brownies.

Although this time, the grocery store was OUT of the big bottles of red food coloring, so I had to use half red and half blue…purple velvet brownies! πŸ˜‰

I also found this recipe for heart glazed cornmeal cookies. They were so simple to make (and delicious!) but I think taking the time to carve the shape of the heart into the cookie makes them look extra special. I say carve because I didn’t have a heart-shaped cookie cutter, so I used a knife. Worked like a charm! πŸ™‚ I started by making the glaze pink, then added my last few drops of red food coloring to get a red glaze, then added a drop of blue for purple glaze so that people would get some of each color. It looked great! And I forgot to take a picture 😦

As you probably know by now, I am HUGE on real foods as opposed to processed foods and I think the only way we can change the food system is through what we buy – our purchase is our vote. Most people see baked goods as junk, but I think they can certainly fit into a diet based on real foods – especially when you’ve made them yourself. I’m betting your kitchen cabinets don’t contain ANY of the thousands of chemicals, dyes, and artificial ingredients used in most packaged foods hanging out in stores these days. It may cost a little more, but I always bake with real butter, organic cane sugar + brown sugar, natural/local/organic/cage-free eggs (whichever I happen to have at the time), unbleached flour, etc. By giving my money to the companies that produce these products, I’m helping to support them so their prices can hopefully begin to compete with those of highly processed products like white sugar, bleached flour, and margarine.



2 thoughts on “valentine’s

  1. Teresa says:

    RIGHT ON! Thank you for spreading this message, Sydney, and for so generously sharing your talent for cooking & baking and your love of real food. You are my inspiration! Off to Pinterest!

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