Tonight’s menu

Well, my entirely good intentions of posting more frequently once the last semester ended were destroyed by an evening lack of sunlight and consequent horrible pictures 😦 However, I feel like there are just too many delicious recipes happening over here NOT to share, so please just bear with me on the pictures until the daylight returns!

On the menu for tonight? Coconut curry kale stew!

I’ve been loving Indian spices lately. Curried millet and a delicious Moroccan vegetable stew made with potatoes, chickpeas, curry powder, and tons of cinnamon (it’s delicious – trust me!!) becoming regulars in my dinner routine. So, it was no surprise that this particular recipe pulled me in when I stumbled upon it while looking for a way to use the can of light coconut milk I bought ages ago.

I’ve also been on a kale kick lately, which meant I had pretty much everything I needed for this soup to happen. While it was cooking, I felt like all I could see was onion and I got a bit nervous about how the final result would turn out, but it was absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to enjoy leftovers later this week!

One more thing before I go. I went to an awesome brunch spot yesterday in Kansas City after my race that I highly recommend if you’re in the area. It was Happy Gillis, located just east of City Market. They have breakfast and lunch options and I couldn’t decide which one I was in the mood for. I ended up going with lunch and it was a wonderful decision. A half roasted vegetable + pesto + provolone sandwich with a cup of the most amazing Mulligatawny (curried lentil) soup was just what I needed after my race! It was a tiny little place with just a few tables. It was packed with the Sunday brunch crowd, which left us seated in a little living room area with a couch, 2 chairs, and a coffee table. We all agreed that it felt like we were eating at a friends house though, so it was okay 🙂


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