a little fun

I remembered that I made a REALLY good curried millet recipe last week that I wanted to share, but it appears I haven’t uploaded the picture yet (yes…one picture. that’s what happens when it gets dark at 5:00 and there is no light for pictures).
Because I’m too lazy right now to find my camera + cord for one picture, I thought I’d post this fun little food survey that I stole from Katie a while back:) Enjoy!
A) Preferred way to eat avocados: On EVERYTHING! Favorite lunch right now = homemade bread + smashed avocado + extra sharp white cheddar + toaster oven. Yum. I could also easily eat my weight in guacamole. Easily.
B) Daily banana intake:  One…sometimes two, but I usually count at the store so I buy one for my breakfast each day. PB + banana toast early in the week while the bananas are still nice and green, then into the oatmeal (or freezer) they go!
C) Chocolate preference? Swiss – from my wonderful roomie. No dark chocolate though.
D) Durian? YIKES! Definitely had to google that one. It looks like 2 kidneys inside of a scary spike-covered ball. No thank you.
E) Essential to start the day: Peanut butter.
F) Favorite fruit: Apples, mango, cherries, strawberries, Idaho July Flame peaches (!!), fresh pineapple, apricots. I love fruit.
G) Grape preference: They have to be firm and seedless, but I go back and forth on red vs. green
H) Hankering to try: One of the hundred million recipes I have bookmarked right now. Oh, and home canning. I think that is one of the only things I’m afraid of in the kitchen, so I MUST try it soon! OH! And that cookie butter I’ve heard is hanging out at Trader Joe’s now…
I) Ice cream: Vanilla with a nice, hot homemade brownie
J) Juice or smoothies? Smoothie for sure!
K) Favorite way to eat kale: Baked as kale chips, although I’d like to try a massaged kale salad
L) # of Lemons in your house right now: 1
M) Milk: Skim. Chocolate milk at the dining hall for a special treat…sooooooo good. And sooooo good that I can’t fill a 16 oz. to go cup with it (twice) each night any more.
N) Nut butter: favorite kind? Smucker’s natural crunchy all the way. TJ’s natural chunky comes in a close second. TJ’s crunchy roasted almond butter and Justin’s maple almond butter are tied for third. I know that’s more than one, but it IS my favorite food group…
O) Organic or conventional? Depends on what it is. Organic produce is nice if I can afford it. Packaged products – depends on the ingredient list. Fewer real ingredients > a boat load of processed organic ingredients
P) Pickled veggies: I do love a good pickled okra and I love pickles, but never buy them! I would LOVE trying to make my own. I have recipes that look easy, I just need to get a move on and do it!
Q) Questions you get asked about your diet: Are you vegetarian/vegan? At work – are you a strict vegetarian..why don’t you eat meat…can’t you just take a bit and spit it out? (?!) How many calories do you consume? Why do you pack your lunch/dinner? What is THAT?!
R) Recipe you love: Oh my. Vegan bean burgers, homemade honey wheat bread, the sweet potato rolls I made at Thanksgiving, this pear spice cake, too many desserts to name really, and of course mom’s lasagna/enchiladas/pot roast. These are just what I could think of right now. I could go on forever.
S) Seaweed: Kombu for from-scratch bean making
T) Type of water you drink: Tap
U) Unbelievable combination: PB + banana, sweet + salty, carrots + hummus, yogurt + cereal/oats, hot + cold (like hot brownie + ice cream or hot oats + yogurt), crunchy + creamy (LOVE texture combos!)
V) Vegetable you love: Roasted potatoes, roasted broccoli, carrots, fresh corn on the cob, roasted/fresh red peppers
W) White or wheat: Wheat!
X) eXtra or splenda: No way
Y) Yummy food you make: Desserts, homemade pizza crust, homemade bread
Z) Favorite use of zucchinis: recently discovered my love for sauteed/roasted zucchini. so good.

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