a little fun

I remembered that I made a REALLY good curried millet recipe last week that I wanted to share, but it appears I haven’t uploaded the picture yet (yes…one picture. that’s what happens when it gets dark at 5:00 and there is no light for pictures).
Because I’m too lazy right now to find my camera + cord for one picture, I thought I’d post this fun little food survey that I stole from Katie a while back ūüôā Enjoy!
A) Preferred way to eat avocados: On EVERYTHING! Favorite lunch right now = homemade bread + smashed avocado + extra sharp white cheddar + toaster oven. Yum. I could also easily eat my weight in guacamole. Easily.
B)¬†Daily banana intake:¬† One…sometimes two, but I usually count at the store so I buy one for my breakfast each day. PB + banana toast early in the week while the bananas are still nice and green, then into the oatmeal (or freezer) they go!
C) Chocolate preference? Swiss Рfrom my wonderful roomie. No dark chocolate though.
D) Durian? YIKES! Definitely had to google that one. It looks like 2 kidneys inside of a scary spike-covered ball. No thank you.
E) Essential to start the day: Peanut butter.
F) Favorite fruit: Apples, mango, cherries, strawberries, Idaho July Flame peaches (!!), fresh pineapple, apricots. I love fruit.
G) Grape preference: They have to be firm and seedless, but I go back and forth on red vs. green
H)¬†Hankering to try: One of the hundred million recipes I have bookmarked right now. Oh, and home canning. I think that is one of the only things I’m afraid of in the kitchen, so I MUST try it soon! OH! And that cookie butter I’ve heard is hanging out at Trader Joe’s now…
I) Ice cream: Vanilla with a nice, hot homemade brownie
J) Juice or smoothies? Smoothie for sure!
K)¬†Favorite way to eat kale: Baked as kale chips, although I’d like to try a massaged kale salad
L) # of Lemons in your house right now: 1
M)¬†Milk: Skim. Chocolate milk at the dining hall for a special treat…sooooooo good. And sooooo good that I can’t fill a 16 oz. to go cup with it (twice) each night any more.
N)¬†Nut butter: favorite kind? Smucker’s natural crunchy all the way. TJ’s natural chunky comes in a close second. TJ’s crunchy roasted almond butter and Justin’s maple almond butter are tied for third. I know that’s more than one, but it IS my favorite food group…
O) Organic or conventional? Depends on what it is. Organic produce is nice if I can afford it. Packaged products Рdepends on the ingredient list. Fewer real ingredients > a boat load of processed organic ingredients
P) Pickled veggies: I do love a good pickled okra and I love pickles, but never buy them! I would LOVE trying to make my own. I have recipes that look easy, I just need to get a move on and do it!
Q)¬†Questions you get asked about your diet: Are you vegetarian/vegan? At work – are you a strict vegetarian..why don’t you eat meat…can’t you just take a bit and spit it out? (?!) How many calories do you consume? Why do you pack your lunch/dinner? What is THAT?!
R)¬†Recipe you love: Oh my. Vegan bean burgers, homemade honey wheat bread, the sweet potato rolls I made at Thanksgiving, this pear spice cake, too many desserts to name really, and of course mom’s lasagna/enchiladas/pot roast. These are just what I could think of right now. I could go on forever.
S) Seaweed: Kombu for from-scratch bean making
T) Type of water you drink: Tap
U) Unbelievable combination: PB + banana, sweet + salty, carrots + hummus, yogurt + cereal/oats, hot + cold (like hot brownie + ice cream or hot oats + yogurt), crunchy + creamy (LOVE texture combos!)
V) Vegetable you love: Roasted potatoes, roasted broccoli, carrots, fresh corn on the cob, roasted/fresh red peppers
W) White or wheat: Wheat!
X) eXtra or splenda: No way
Y) Yummy food you make: Desserts, homemade pizza crust, homemade bread
Z) Favorite use of zucchinis: recently discovered my love for sauteed/roasted zucchini. so good.

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