lentil barley burgers

Well, it appears I’m in the market for a new camera 😦 I contacted the bus driver we had and asked him to let me know if he came across the camera and I’ve heard nothing back from him. Can’t do much food blogging without a camera! I can describe foods to you, but they just aren’t as exciting without pictures! I guess that will just have to do for now though.

Luckily, I actually haven’t been eating at home much at ALL lately! With my job this summer, we get a meal plan at the dining halls which is wonderful for my grocery budget, but I have mixed feelings because we actually aren’t even ALLOWED to bring our own food. Don’t get me wrong, their food tastes delicious and a majority of it is made from scratch, but avoiding processed products/ingredients is a challenge. Finding natural meat there is impossible, so I just stick to vegetarian entrees. I’m not used to a heavy hot lunch anyway (pastas, casseroles, etc.), so I usually just go for the salad bar which is quite good or make a veggie sandwich if they have their homemade wheat sub buns (!!). Breakfast has been okay since they have a big pot of plain, old-fashioned oats every morning but…..NO NATURAL PB!!! 😦 😦 I make do with fruit though, so I suppose it’s okay. Snacks? Non-existent. When I get to meal time, I. am. famished. We’ll see how dinner goes since I work later next week, but it looks like there are some fabulous choices on the menu and some things I really remember enjoying when we made them in my food production class last year.

I did have to make dinner at home a few times this week. I wasn’t working late, but things came up almost every night that involved dinner. Score! The one recipe I did make was so wonderful though that I just have to share it. It made 4 very filling servings which I am still working my way through! I found lentils that I forgot I had when I was organizing my kitchen cabinet and decided I needed to try to use as many things up as possible that I already have on hand. After consulting my handy dandy recipe books in the “beans and lentils” section, I found this recipe for lentil barley burgers. It was perfect because I also found a tiny bit of barley that I wanted to use up! I don’t think anything will ever top my love for these vegan bean burgers, but this one certainly comes close! Since the recipe made 8 smaller patties with 2 patties per serving, I just combined it and made 4 larger patties. The seemed kind of fragile when I was shaping them, but after cooking on one side, they held together great! My recommendation? Cook a batch of lentils and barley on the weekend to have ready, then all you have to do is toss everything together and refrigerate before cooking. I think you could also even throw it together in the morning and let it refrigerate all day to speed up prep time even more! I know this is boring without pictures, but you MUST try these burgers! I didn’t make the salsa,  but I’m sure it’s great too!


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