things I’m loving in Oregon

I’m about 99.9% sure that my camera is wedged between the seat and the wall of the bus that we took to the airport from Manhattan on Sunday where I saw it fall and from where I made a mental note to retrieve it that was obviously forgotten. So, here is a picture-less list of all the things I’m loving in Oregon and will greatly miss upon our return to Kansas.

1. Cafe Yumm

When I looked up our hotel to scout out nearby restaurants and saw that there was a Cafe Yumm across the street, I immediately remembered seeing it mentioned on Peas and Thank You and knew I had to try it out. I’m hooked on the Original Yumm Bowl and the Yumm sauce?! Oh. My. Goodness. They sell it by the jar and in HUGE salad dressing bottles, both at the restaurant and in local stores but the last time I checked, my travel bag doesn’t have a built-in refrigerator 😦 Good thing Mama Pea came up with a wannabe Yumm sauce recipe that I WILL be recreating when I get home.

2. Tasty Bite: Zany Multigrain and Zesty Lentils + Peas

Eating out is expensive. And if I’m going to spend my money eating out, I want to try something new that I couldn’t get at home. With a limited amount of restaurant choices near our hotel or where the team bus decides to go for dinner, I decided to save money by picking up some things I could make in the hotel room. These were something I grabbed at the last minute when I was leaving the Market of Choice (amazing grocery store – bulk bin heaven!) and I’m so glad I did. Both were super flavorful and very filling. Yeah, they were supposed to be “starters” for actual meals, but honestly they were quite delicious just on their own! I’m going to attempt a re-creation!

3. Great Harvest Bread

There is a Great Harvest Bread Co. in Lawrence but I still have YET to try it out. What really sparked my interest was Kath’s blog because she and her husband are opening a Great Harvest! All of the flour is ground fresh in the bakery so the bread is SUPER fresh, delicious, and nutritious. Imagine my excitement when I found it in the GROCERY STORE! It was a little pricey, but totally worth it. The loaf of Dakota bread that I bought was over 2 pounds!

4. Sunshine Veggie Burger

I picked these up because I knew the turkey I bought for sandwiches wouldn’t last all week and I have to say that these are amazing. I wasn’t really sure what to expect because they were super cheap but, even though I had to settle for the Original flavor because they were out of Southwest, I REALLY loved them. 🙂 I’m going to keep looking for them in Kansas, but if I can’t find them – you guessed it – I will find a way to make them!

5. Tillamook

Tillamook is everywhere around here! Probably because the company is based out of Tillamook, Oregon. 🙂 Their cheese is used at Cafe Yumm and the grocery stores are packed with Tillamook cheeses, yogurts, and other dairy products. I picked up a big container of their vanilla bean yogurt to get me through the week and it seriously tastes like (a less cold, less solid) vanilla bean ice cream. It is sweeter and smoother than the Dannon all-natural vanilla I’m used to with less of that yogurt tang, which would make it absolutely perfect for a dessert substitute. I miss the my tangy, thicker Dannon all-natural at breakfast though! 😦

6. Oregon in general

I just LOVE Oregon. It is so green, both in landscape AND environmental practices 🙂 We walked around the University of Oregon campus a little after practice yesterday and it was just beautiful with huge, green trees everywhere. I’m pretty sure they also had more bike racks (sheltered bike racks no less!) outside of ONE building than we have on our entire campus. AND they were almost full! Public transportation, miles and miles of trails, beautiful green scenery, an abundance of local/organic foods and restaurants, awesome grocery stores, friendly people…does it get much better?? I love Oregon 🙂


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