spur of the moment

Considering the fact that I had NO idea what to make for dinner just a few short hours ago, tonight’s dinner was a HUGE success! Usually, I try to plan my dinners for the week so I use up what I have on hand and so that I can get to work on dinner when I come home hungry after practice. For some reason though, I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to make this week! I have a bunch of recipes I want to try but I’m missing an ingredient or two and didn’t want to get them at the store. However, after some brainstorming this afternoon and trying to get creative with what I had, I ended up with a seriously delicious dinner. It all started with this guy:

The only selection of natural/organic meat I’ve been able to find is at Hy-Vee, which is slightly unfortunate because I don’t really do any of my other shopping there…partly because it can be a bit expensive but mostly because they have a health market section in which I could spend all day (and all of my money) because I find treasures like this yogurt that I had the other day..

If you see this yogurt in your grocery store, you must ignore the price tag and try it at least once. If you don’t see it, then you  must find out where to get it. Choosing a flavor to spend the equivalent of my college education on was probably the hardest part (blueberry…mango?!), but good old raspberry did not disappoint.

So light and creamy…..it’s like eating a cloud! I MUST try the mango kind next. This picture doesn’t really show the extent of it, but there is some serious real fruit going on in this yogurt!

ANYWAY. That had absolutely nothing to do with organic chicken OR my dinner. I originally thought it would be fun to break out my little grill for the chicken and when I asked my roommate if she wanted to join me in grilling, so offered up some meat to make hamburgers. YUM! So, I thought I would just cook up the chicken while we had the grill going and use it later. When she realized she already had dinner plans for tonight, we rescheduled our grill session but I decided to just broil my chicken for tonight since it was already thawed out.

Before practice, I used the recipe I had originally intended this chicken for to prepare a marinade. When I got home, I tossed some asparagus with olive oil and grill seasoning then roasted it in the toaster oven. I broiled the chicken on our wonderful broiler pan. I had NO idea what a broiler pan was until my roommate made the best steak ever in our OVEN and it seriously tasted like it came off the grill – then I knew I had to give it a try.

One of my favorite recipes that I rediscovered in going through all of my saved recipes is this roasted red pepper and feta rice. Oh my goodness. It is SO easy and SO delicious. I got really bummed when I realized I was out of rice, but then I realized that not only do I have couscous that I’ve been meaning to use, but it cooks about 100,000 times faster than rice! Using the above recipe as a guide, I tossed some onion, garlic, roasted red pepper, oregano, and 1/2 c. vegetable broth in a saucepan, brought it to a boil, stirred in the couscous, then let it sit until the rest of my food was done. Way faster and (I think) equally as delicious.

Sometimes just working with what you have on hand and using a recipe you love as a guide or inspiration results in some of the very best meals! I will definitely be looking forward to making this again! 🙂


3 thoughts on “spur of the moment

    • Sydney says:

      Thank you!! 🙂 I just realized that I made 2 of your recipes back to back…so thanks for posting them! I love reading your blog! 🙂

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