taste the rainbow

Wheatberries make another appearance!

Yesterday morning, we left for a track meet in California, so I needed to use up some food for dinner Tuesday night. When I got home from practice, I started boiling about 1 c. of water with 1/4 c. rice. When it looked like almost all of the water was absorbed, I added in some cooked wheatberries I had in the fridge. I just love how chewy they are and they go great with brown rice! I also had some veggies to use up before we left…

I had 1/2 a bag of frozen stir-fry veggies and added some carrots, cherry tomatoes, and chopped fresh spinach, then stir-fried it all with a spoonful of hoisin sauce.

It was delicious, quick, and packed with nutrients. Besides, I feel like it’s always a good idea to load up on veggies before you travel because they seem to be hard to come by on the road. My fruit consumption definitely outweighs my veggie consumption on trips because fresh + dried fruit are pretty accessible and easy to pack even if you don’t have access to a fridge or cooler.

Just looking at the pictures makes me want to eat that again…or at least some kind of vegetable! Usually, I think I’m pretty good about packing good things to eat for trips, but it has been especially difficult this year with the number of trips where we fly instead of drive AND the surprising lack of in-room fridges, adequate continental breakfasts, or nearby grocery stores. I’ve got some time on my hands today before the race though, so maybe I’ll save that for a separate post on eating while traveling 🙂


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