know your food

Over the past few years, I’ve obviously become more aware of and interested in where my food comes from and what I’m putting into my body. I’ll be honest though, sometimes it is hard when there is only one TINY natural grocery store in Manhattan and I’m on a college student budget. While I certainly think it is possible to eat healthy, real food with limited resources, sometimes you have to make little sacrifices. For example, I’d rather eat conventional fruits and vegetables than not eat them at all because I can’t afford (or can’t find) organic.

However, one of my classes this semester is all about sustainability (which I am LOVING) and while I was aware of the issues surrounding different methods of production, etc. before this class, it has definitely made me think more about where my food comes from and my role in sustainability in general. One of our projects this semester was to choose a documentary from a provided list to watch and answer some questions about. Honestly, I couldn’t choose just one so I watched several. There were a few I had already seen (Food, Inc. and An Inconvenient Truth – both of which I highly recommend) and a few I still want to see, but I watched King Corn and Fuel this time around and also highly recommend watching them. Fuel was about the oil companies and alternative energy, but I won’t go into all that since this is a food blog 🙂

Along with these documentaries, we’ve watched a few TED talks which are also always amazing. All of this has really reinforced to me the importance of using your voice and advocating for change. Our food system may seem like a big, overwhelming problem (which it is) but we aren’t helpless. When you purchase something, you’ve voted. For example, if everyone demanded grass-fed beef and products made without artificial ingredients, we would get grass-fed beef and products made without artificial ingredients.

So, even though it takes a little more work and a lot more answering questions, I’m not settling for the processed garbage and not knowing where my food comes from. And that pretty much sums up the purpose of this blog I suppose – proving that it is possible to find and eat real food and you don’t need a fortune or endless hours to slave away in the kitchen to do it 🙂

I’ll end with this video that I had seen a few times, but we watched it in class last week and it kind of goes along with all of this….and it makes me laugh 🙂


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